Dr. Chitra S.

Assistant Professor in Education (General)

M.A, M.Ed., Ph.D.


Phone: 9847038457



Participation in Seminars/ Conferences etc.

1. Participated in the Workshop on Models for ELT held on 6 th

February 2010.

2. Participated in International Conference on Adaptability and

Responsiveness in Teacher Education organised by Government

College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram on 18 th and 19 th

June 2010.

3. One Day workshop on Minor Research Project of Two-Year B.Ed.

Curriculum conducted by Sree Narayana Training College,

Nedunganda on 4 th December 2017

4.Three Day National Seminar on E-Learning and Computational

Techniques organised by KNM Government Arts and Science

College, Kanjiramkulam.

5. National Conclave on Accreditation Framework for Higher

Education Institutions-NAAC/SAAC/QCI on 14 th November,2018

6. National Workshop on Educational Technology organised by SIET

on 19 th and 20 th ,March 2019.

7. Two day National seminar on the Role of Higher Education

Institutions in the Sustainable Rebuilding of Post-flood Kerala on

22 nd and 23 rd ,February 2019.

8. Web Conference Series on Addressing Ways of

Implementation of B.Ed. Curriculum in the COVID -19

Pandemic Scenario

9. Webinar on E-content development

10. Webinar Series: Intelligentia Beyond Disciplines-Cross

Disciplinary Collaboration in Education

11. Webinar on Impact of Covid on Kerala Economy:

Experiences and Reflections

12. Webinar on Time to Shape the Future of Education

13. Webinar on Online Student Engagement and Support-

Teacher Readiness for Challenges and Changes

14. Webinar on Adhyapanathile Anandamargam

15. National Webinar on Covid-19 and Teaching Community

16. Webinar :Technoid Dreams Come True

17. Webinar on Relevance of Fitness in Covid Era

18. Webinar- Technoid: Dreams Come True

19. National Webinar : Unto the Pinnacle of Cognition

20. Webinar on Virtual Tour

21. International Webinar on Yoga as a Tool for Improving

22. Life Style and Personality Development of Teachers

23. National Webinar on Environmental Statues and Plastic

Waste Management

24. National Webinar on Health and Education :Women Win the Race

25. National Webinar in connection with World Day for

International Justice

• Paper Presentations

1. Presented the paper “Educational Philosophies in the Classroom” in

the UGC Sponsored Nationaal Conference on Mahamana Madan

Mohan Malaviya: A Great Visionary Educationist of India held in

Sree Narayana Training College, Nedunganda on December 19 th

and 29 th ,2012.

2. Presented the paper “Role of Animated Cartoons in Meeting the

Needs of Diverse Learners” in the UGC Sponsored National

Workshop on 23 rd and 24 th ,August 2013.

3. Presented the paper “Home Schooling: A Means of Generating

Positive Attitudes to Education” in the UGC Sponsored National

Seminar on 5,6 and 7 th September,2013.

4. Presented the paper “ e-Teaching Methods” in the UGC Sponsored

National Seminar organised by Peet Memorial Training College,

Mavelikkara on 29 th and 30 th of June,2016

Invited Talks

Resource Person in Webinar on Virtual Tour

• Major/ Minor Projects (if any)

• Seminars/ workshops/webinars/conferences organized

1. Webinar on Adhyapanathile Anandamargam

2. Organised the webinar series Tchnoid: Dreams Come True

3. Organised the Seminar – Humans are One

4. Organising Team Member of the Web Conference on

Addressing Ways of Implementation of B.Ed. Curriculum in the

COVID-19NPandemic Scenario

• Details of Research Supervision

1. Guiding student teachers in doing Minor Research Projects

• Honours and Awards

Academic Positions held

1. Member, Staff Council

2. Secretary, Staff Council

3. Advisor, College Union

4. Member, Admission Committee

5. Member, IQAC Committee

6. Coordinator, IT Club

7. Coordinator, Gandhi Study Unit

8. Editorial Board Member- College Journal- Gurujyothi :Research

and Reflections, An Interdisciplinary Peer-Reviewed Research

Journal in Education ISSN 0976-0865

9. Member, Seminar Committee

10. Member, Library Committee

11. Mentor Teacher

12. Member, Research Committee

13. Faculty-in-charge, Gain PF

14. Member, Tour Committee

15. Member, Examination Committee

16. Faculty-in-charge, Online Examination

17. Member, Anti- Caste Discrimination Cell

18. Member, Tour Committee

19. Member, Examination Committee

20. SWAYAM Mentor

21. YIP- Faculty-in-charge

22. Attendance - Faculty-in-charge

23. Gender Justice Forum, Member

24. Anti Sexual Harassment Cell, Coordinator

• Membership in professional bodies

• Any other