Our Guiding Spirit

Sree Narayana Guru

Sree Narayana Guru, our guiding spirit, a great visionary, saint, social reformer, spiritual leader and educationist, propagated among the mass the ideal of 'One Caste, One Religion and One God for Mankind'. Guru stood for the upliftment of the socially marginalised and his preachings influenced the world as a whole. He has followers all over the world. Great poet Rabindranath Tagore's (1922) and Mahatma Gandhi's (1925) spiritual encounters with Guru show their admiration and love for Guru. Guru had composed several hymns in different languages. The prime among them are Atmopadesa Satakam, Darsanamala and Daivadasakam.

About the College

Sree Narayana Training College

Sree Narayana Training College is committed to build up a group of enthusiastic teachers for leading the future generation of the country. We provide the holistic education with a view to enrich and empower the multifaceted talents of the future teachers. The experiences provided to the student teachers equip them to meet the challenges and changes in the global educational scenario.


We strive to uphold our motto and make it more sound and distinguished. Our value based education helps the younger generation to rejuvenate and bloom the future generation. Thereby, the institution realizes the vision on


To provide value embedded quality education

To equip the student teachers to meet the challenges in the global Scenerio.

To maintain an environment of excellence in education through technological advancement and effective pedagogy and method of evaluation.


To nourish multidimensional global competencies of future nation builders

To foster scientific spirit of inquiry, professionalism and research skills among future teachers.

To instill the spirit of selfless service to humanity.

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Principal's Desk

“Become enlightened, through Education; Become strengthened, through Organization; Become prosperous, through Hard work.”
“Sree Narayana Guru”

Sree Narayana Training College is driven by the motto of the great Sree Narayana Guru and we make every effort to prepare our students to reach the zenith of their potential. In order to build committed and dedicated future nation builders, we take each step forward with confidence and determination.We are blessed with a group of energetic faculty who work hard to sensitise our prospective teachers to the challenges faced by people in need. The unity, sincerity and motivation of the human resources of the institution is the secret of success of Sree Narayana Training College and I am so proud to be the captain of this prestigious institution. I wish all success for the young aspirants who join the Sree Narayana Training College, for their journey to achieve excellence.

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Programme Offered




Physical Science

Natural Science

Social Science

ET Lab
Psychology Lab
Science Lab
Play Ground


The central library is well stocked and fully computerized with OPAC facility. The resources include books, journals, encyclopedias, periodicals, news papers, on-line resources and reprographic centre. The library has a comfortable reading room with a seating capacity of 50. It remains open on all w

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The Auditorium serves as a multipurpose hall meeting the varying needs of the college. It is having a seating capacity of 200 . The auditorium hosts various curricular, cocurricular and cultural activities of the college

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Education Technology Lab

Education Technology Lab

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The Psychology Lab is equipped with test materials including verbal, non-verbal and apparatuses required for the teacher education curriculum. The lab experiences aim at the familiarization of various tests and experiments among student teachers.

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Science lab

The Natural Science lab is well equipped with different types of teaching learning aids. Student teachers get opportunities for performing various lab oriented practicals.

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Gymnasium houses a variety of equipments for balancing study with recreation. It is available to use for students and staff during recess time and evenings.  

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Play Ground


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