1. Students should not be absent themselves without prior sanction.

2. Leave application in the prescribed form should reach the Principal at least a day before the leave is to be availed, except, in case of emergency.  

3. Students will ensure from the office whether the leave has been sanctioned or not.

4. No student will be granted more than five days leave at a stretch.    

5. The Principal may demand to produce a Medical Certificate when leave is applied on medical grounds.  

6. No leave will be granted in continuation  of the Onam or Xmas holidays.
7. In case of emergencies, the leave should be informed to the Principal/ class teacher over the phone.

8. A student absenting himself without leave for five consecutive working days will be removed from the rolls of the College.

9. A late comer will not be permitted to attend the class during that period and he will be marked absent for half a day.  

10. The attendance certificate of the student will be issued only if the Principal is satisfied with the student’s progress and conduct.

11. No student will be granted leave during practice teaching phases and community living camp.

Central Library & Reading room  

1. The College library is divided into the following sections.
   a). Reference Section
   b) Periodical Section
   c) Issue Section


1. The Central library will function from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on all working days.

2. Books of Reference will be issued to the students  for reference only. They are not permitted to take home these books.

3. Students are permitted to borrow only two  books at a time and these should not be the copies of the same book.

4. Books taken out by students shall not be retained for more than 14 days. Failure to return a book on the due date entails a fine of Rs.1/- per day  

5. Transfer or sublending of book is strictly prohibited.

6. Marking, underlining etc. in any book, manuscript or maps belonging to the library are absolutely forbidden.

7. Books which have been borrowed from the library must be returned  when demanded  by the librarian. Failure to do so will lead  to  special fine payment.

8. When borrowing a book students shall bring to the notice of the librarian any damage  in the book, otherwise they will be held responsible for such damage.

9. In case of a book loss, a new book should be replaced. If the book is not available for replacement, the value of the lost book will be refunded. 


1.  Newspapers and periodicals should not be misplaced.

2. Any loss or damage will have to be compensated by the person responsible for it.

3.Strict silence should be maintained in the reading room.

4.Students are strictly forbidden from tearing off pictures, pages  from papers or periodicals 


1. Every day the college  begins with the mass prayer.

2. Students should give due respect to teachers when they enter and leave the room by getting up and greeting the teachers.

3. No student will enter or leave the classroom when the session is on without the permission of the teacher concerned.  

4. Students are expected to spend their free hours in the Library/Reading Rooms. They should not wander  along the corridors or crowd at the gate or in front of  the office.

5. Nothing is more appreciated in a student than courteous and good  behaviour. Students should give due respect to teachers and the other staff of the college. Greet them insde and outside the  campus

 6. Students are expected to be properly dressed. Showy clothes are to be avoided. Students are expected to show dignity in their dress and general behaviour.

7. Smoking which is injurious to health, is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Students are expected to switch off their mobile phones inside the campus.

8. Do not damage or disfigure the walls,doors,windows, furniture etc. Learning not to damage property whether public or private is one of the primary requirements for civilized behaviour.

9. Political activities are  strictly banned in the campus. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than academic  ones. Students resorting to strikes are strictly prohibited from entering the verandah of the building or the class rooms.

10. Do not submit mass petitions to the Principal. If you have any grievance or complaint, let your representatives meet him.  

11. Any student who is presentably insubordinate, who is repeatedly or will fully mischievous, who is guilty or fraud or does malpractice in connection with examinations or who, in the opinion of the Principal, is likely to have a wholesome influence on his fellow students shall be removed from the rolls. The removal shall be either temporary or permanent according to the gravity of the offence.

12. No student shall take up any remunerative work during his study in the college. Students violating this can be removed from the college or debarred from the University Examination.


1. All parents are requested to attend the Parent -Teacher meetings without fail.  

2. Parent shall meet the Principal and teachers at least once in a semester and as and when requested.

3. Parents shall see that their son / daughter abide by the rules and regulations of the college. 


Discipline is integral to Education and irregular attendance, habitual disobedience, dishonesty, laziness, breech of discipline or misconduct are sufficient reasons for the suspension or dismissal of students. Management may modify the rules and regulations and add new ones. 


1. There shall be admission to Women students in the Sree Narayana Training College Hostel for Women. The rules in the hostel shall be strictly observed.

2. All women students who are not day scholars shall reside in the Sree Narayana Training College Hostel for Women.

3. Change of residence should be reported immediately to the Principal.


1. The Principal of the college shall be the warden of the hostel.

2. The Hostel shall be under the discplinary control of the warden.

3. The name of the visitors who are likely to visit inmates shall be given by the guardians at the time of admission. Only approved visitors will be allowed to visit inmates in the Hostel.

4. The inmates will be allowed to meet the visitors in the visitors’ room only after getting permission from the matron.
5. Visitors will be allowed in the hostel from 4 pm to 6 pm on working days and from 9 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm on holidays.  

6. The inmates are not allowed to bring visitors including day scholars into their rooms without the special permission of the warden.

7. No inmate will be allowed to stay out after 6 pm.

8. An inmate is permitted to leave the hostel for home, shopping etc. only with the  written permission from the warden and she has to enter all details in the movement register kept in the hostel before leaving.

9. The inmates should strictly adhere to the Hostel rules and timetable. On daily roll call all should be present.

10. An inmate whose character is found unsatisfactory will be dismissed without assigning reasons.