The Auditorium is a multifaceted one satisfying all the needs of the college. The huge one having the capacity to accommodate around 200 people is the venue of numerous conferences, seminars and such programs. The soothing effect of the soft breeze that enters the auditorium enlivens the activities and the participants.

Resting Room

The resting room is a relief to the students whenever they feel like taking a break. It is also used by the staff when there is a need. The hospitality and nursing done in the resting room is like a gentle touch at the ailing stage.

Principal’s Chamber

The Principal’s Chamber is the central force around which the academic and administrative sector of the college revolves. The venue of short meetings and conferences is fully furnished and also contains a private room for the Principal.

Administrative Block

The Administrative Block smoothly runs the administration of the college. The Block that is fully furnished and computerized serves the purpose to the maximum.

Refreshing Unit

A Refreshing Unit that functions refreshes the students when they feel tired or exhausted. It is very useful to the hostellers and students who travel.