UGC Sponsored Minor Projects

Year Name of the Investigator(s) Title of the Project Name of the Funding Agency Amount sanctioned Status
2008 Dr.K.K.Venu UGC Submitted
2009 Dr.Sindhya V. Adolescents in the new era: A perspective from mothers UGC 60000 Submitted
2010 Dr.Divya C.Senan Design And Try Out of a Multimedia Package on Health Awareness of Occupational Diseases for the Women at Risk Employed in Coir Retting along the Coastal Belt of Kerala UGC 70000 Submitted
2013 Dr.Sheeba P Programme Design and Implementation to improve the Economic Literacy, Household savings and Expenditure package of Fisher women in the Coastal belt of Kerala. UGC 125000 Doing
2013 Dr.Sheeba P Success rate and Employment Status of SC/ST Engineering students in Kerala. KSHEC 100000 Doing
2013 Dr.Smitha S Strengthening Social Accountability of Higher Educational Institutions- Strategies based on Institutional Capabilities and Gaps. KSHEC 100000 Submitted
2014 Dr.Sindhya V Development and Deployment of strategies for Human Rights education among Rural Girls UGC 70000 Declined for accepting PDF (UGC)
2013 Dr.Divya C.Senan Popularization of Renewable Energy Resources through Effective Energy Education Programmes to Improve Energy Literacy among Secondary School Students of Kerala. UGC 115000 Declined for accepting PDF (UGC)
2014 Dr.Smitha S. Designing and Implementing Effective Educational Programmes to prevent Alcohol/Drug abuse among Secondary School students of Kerala UGC 100000 Sumitted