journal 2014
Gurujyothi Research and Reflections: Half Yearly Research Journal
Our half yearly Journal “Gurujyothi Research and reflections” started in 2006, released its seven volumes. The journal is of interdisciplinary nature and sets out to consider the wide ranged perspectives on different aspects of education by an array of inquisitive minds.

Editorial board

Chief Editor

  • Dr K.Ushakumari (Principal)


  • Dr. Sindhya.V( Assistant Professor)


  • Dr. S. Rany
  • Dr. Sheeba P
  • Sri. R. Praveen
  • Dr. Pramod G.Nair
  • Dr. K.K.Venu
  • Dr. Smitha.S
  • Dr. Divya, C. Senan
  • Dr. Reetha Ravi. H
  • Smt. Sangeetha. N.R
  • Smt. Chitra S.