Support Services

A well-organized Career Guidance Club is actively functioning in our college. The main objectives of the Club are
• To provide information about various career options available to the students.
• To create awareness about self-employment and entrepreneurship options.
• To provide information regarding various courses of study and competitive exams.
• To provide general career counseling.
In order to meet the above objectives, the Club organizes several inspiring and educative programmes such as
• ‘Programme on Personality Development and Youth Empowerment’,
• ‘Weekly G.K.’,
• ‘Opportunities’,
• ‘Awareness on Life Skills’ and practices,
• Capacity Building activities like ‘Extempore
Speech’ in order to cultivate the art of Public Speaking among students,
• Exam Orientation Seminars,
• TET, SET, NET orientation programmes by external experts,
• Classes on Vedic Mathematics for Competitive Examinations,
• Display and information on Career News,
• Subscription of Career Magazines
• Inter Optional Quiz Competitions
• Publication of Rank File for Competitive Examinations etc.
Club offers vocational guidance and job assurance activities.
The college provides opportunity for campus selection to the different institutions.
The college organizes seminars on general awareness and aptitude tests for upbringing student competency.
The Club continuously serves as a Placement agent to our students by providing proper vocational awareness and conscientation activities on present educational situations.

The placement cell offers job opportunities in the neighboring areas and neighbouring countries like Bhutan, Maldives etc.
We host ‘Job Fair’ activities in collaboration with a number of schools.
We provide the students with copies of various Employment News and other newspapers.
We also give information on different career related newsmagazines and books for competitive exams.
Besides these, there are various brochures, newsletters, directories and guide books for different courses.
College provides the required men and material resources to the placement cell. The technical support and other facilities available in the college are open to the cell.
Infra structural facilities of the college including the computer and documentary facilities are provided by the institution.
Salient Features of the Cell:
• Networking with various career counseling organizations like Career Guidance and Employment Cell, University of Kerala; ORC Project Research Section, Govt. of Kerala; Established Career Coaching Centers and Language Training Institutes and a number of career counselors of the state.
• Growing response from the students both from inside and outside the college.
Threats faced by the Cell:
Students are usually reluctant to accept jobs in the unaided sector due to low returns. Moreover opportunities in the unaided sector inside and outside are not transparent and the employees are facing many challenges regarding their working conditions. This often results in curtailing the efforts of the cell. In spite of all these hurdles, the cell is functioning in praise worthy manner to the needy.
Staff Coordinator : Dr. Smitha S

Every year the students of the college elect the college union executive, Viz Chairman, Vice chairman, General Secretary, University Union Counselor, Arts club Secretary, Sports Secretary, Magazine Editor and class representatives. One of the salient features of the college union is that elections are not held on the political basis. The union provides opportunity to the students to excel in their various abilities. All the co curricular and extra curricular activities of the college are organized and conducted by the college union under the guidance of teachers. The election to the college union is governed by the rules and regulations of the University of Kerala.

A counselling cell is functioning in the college for directing students through the right track whenever they face conflicts, All teachers serve as counsellors to empower student teachers to become resourceful in self help process. The teacher educators of this college extend their services to many other educational institutions to provide support to the needy for skillful problem solving.

A women cell is active in the college. The cell celebrates women’s day every year and organized seminars and various conscientisation programmes for the upliftment of the women community.

In association with the University of Kerala, a unit of help desk is functioning in the college. All the university related information would be made available to students and teachers through the help desk.