Welcome To Sree Narayana Training College

Sree Narayana Training College is committed to build up a group of enthusiastic teachers for leading the future generation of the country. We provide the holistic education with a view to enrich and enpower the multifaceted talents of the future teachers. The experiences provided to the student teachers equip them to meet the challenges and changes in the global educational scenario.

Our Guiding Spirit

Sree Narayana Guru, our guiding spirit, a great visionary, saint, social reformer, spiritual leader, educationist propagated among the mass the ideal of 'One Caste, One Religion and One God for Man' Guru stood for the uplightment of the socially marginalized and his preachings influenced the world as a whole. He had followers all over the world. Dr. Palpu, a great educationist and social reformer, Mahakavi Kumaranashan are a few of them. Great poet Rabindranath Tagore's (1922) and Mahathama Gandhi's (1925) spiritual encounters with Guru show their admiration and love for guru. Guru had composed several verses in different languages.The prime among them are Atmobadesha Sathakam, Darsanamala and Daivadasakam.

Principal's desk


We provide an array of curricular and co-curricular experiences to empower the future teachers and thus enrich their minds with power and knowledge. The commited faculty and staff of the college are dedicated to explore and support the prospective teachers for their alround development. The college stands as a pioneer one in the educational spectrum by moulding a group of responsible nation builders.