Project Report 

Name     :     Dr Smitha.S

Topic :
MRP(H)-1161/13-14/KLKE034/UGC- SWRO

Broad Objective

To aware the society on the ill effects of the spreading practice of all types of substance abuse among our students and help them to grow by knowing the self identity and become socially committed, intellectually matured, spiritually inspired, morally up righted responsible citizens who become assets of the society

Specific Objectives

  • To know from Educationists, Teachers of Secondary Education, School counselors, Doctors and Eminent Public Personalities who are keen in Nation Building regarding the substance abuse practice among students.
  • To identify, design, implement and coordinate a comprehensive awareness campaign on preventing the use of substances among students.
  • To support, promote, and launch a service campaign on prevention strategies of substance abuse
  • To organize Small Group Educational Programs like film festivals, seminars, discussions etc
  • To conduct awareness programs ie workshops and conferences for teachers and students.
  • To partner with educational groups, schools, and colleges etc to raise awareness of substance abuse prevention among students.
  • To equip student teachers to organize community awareness programs.
  • To conscientize the community in helping children grow as responsible citizens through effective education programs

All the objectives were achieved to a great extent. The project gave an opportunity to the team including the investigator and student teachers to design and implement various education programmes on drug abuse and work with the community. This equipped student teachers to organize community awareness programs. Not only that to a certain extent, we could conscientize the community in helping children grow as responsible citizens through effective education programs. As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be responsible citizens and good people. We want them to learn to feel, think and act with respect for themselves and for other people. We want them to pursue their own well-being, while also being considerate of the needs and feelings of others. We want them to recognize and honor the democratic principles upon which our country was founded. We want them, in short, to develop strong character. Thus the objectives of the project could achieve in attaining these feelings to a great extent.
The greatest benefits are in terms of pupils enhanced knowledge and understanding of drug/substance related issues. Being socially responsible nation builders, we could train the student teachers in designing effective drug education curricula to achieve a good balance between: accurate and consistent information giving and knowledge building; skills development; and sensitivity to factors influence student attitudes and behaviours so that they also could mould themselves as citizens of social commitment. Effective teaching and learning approaches made the programme more interactive rather than didactic. Course delivery by external professionals such as health workers and counsellors led positive outcomes. By doing the project, we could come to know certain harsh realities about our children, who are supposed to be the future pillars of nation. Because of the work, we could help them to a great extent in protecting and saving them by themselves through their enhanced understanding on the evil effects of drug addiction.

If children do not learn proper values and behavior when they are very young, problems can develop. These problems can mushroom with serious consequences as children grow olderdropping out of school, drug use, teenage pregnancy, violent crimethe list goes on. The most important thing we can do for our children is to help them acquire values and skills that they can rely on throughout their lives. In doing so, they will have the best chance to lead good lives as individuals and as citizens of their communities. Thus the project work gave a chance to act with certain value orientation activities.


  • Drug/substance abuse prevention programs are effective if they are research-based and implemented properly
  • Effective education programmes are highly beneficial in enhancing academic and social competencies among school students
  • Prevention programs are most effective when they employ interactive techniques, such as peer discussion groups and parent role-playing, that allow for active involvement in learning about drug abuse and reinforcing skills
  • The project could equip the student teachers in planning, designing, and implementing various prevention programmes among school children
  • School students were really made aware of the ill effects of drugs and were able to make them ready for being more sensitive towards drug issues.
    • Since community awareness activities were also included in the project, the project work could give more orientation to the community on the role of community in giving a proper direction to our students

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    Dr. Ushakumary K. ( Principal)

    Dr. Smitha S. ( Principal Investigator)